Heliconiaceae Plant Family

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
HELIC2 Heliconia L. heliconia
HEAU5 Heliconia aurantiaca Ghiesbr. ex Lem. [excluded] N/A
HEBI4 Heliconia bihai (L.) L. macawflower
BIBI6 Bihai bihai (L.) Griggs Heliconia bihai
HEHU3 Heliconia humilis (Aubl.) Jacq. Heliconia bihai
HECA10 Heliconia caribaea Lam. lobsterclaw
HECO31 Heliconia collinsiana Griggs platanillo
HEDE16 Heliconia deflexa G.S. Daniels & F.G. Stiles wild plantain
HEIR Heliconia irrasa R.R. Sm. wild plantain
HELA12 Heliconia latispatha Benth. expanded lobsterclaw
HEME4 Heliconia metallica Planch. & Linden ex Hook. shining bird of paradise
HEPE11 Heliconia pendula Wawra N/A
HEPL5 Heliconia platystachys Baker false bird of paradise
HEPS2 Heliconia psittacorum L. f. parakeetflower
HERO7 Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav?n false bird of paradise
HESU7 Heliconia subulata Ruiz & Pav?n Guatemalan bird of paradise
HEWA2 Heliconia wagneriana Peterson N/A
HEEL7 Heliconia elongata Griggs Heliconia wagneriana