Anemiaceae Plant Family

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ANEMI Anemia Sw. anemia fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia Sw.
ANAD Anemia adiantifolia (L.) Sw. pineland fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia adiantifolia (L.) Sw.
OSAD Osmunda adiantifolia L. Anemia adiantifolia 🖼️Photos of Osmunda adiantifolia L.
ANCI5 Anemia cicutaria Kunze ex Spreng. [excluded] N/A 🖼️Photos of Anemia cicutaria Kunze ex Spreng. [excluded]
ANHI2 Anemia hirsuta (L.) Sw. hairy flowering fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia hirsuta (L.) Sw.
OSHI Osmunda hirsuta L. Anemia hirsuta 🖼️Photos of Osmunda hirsuta L.
ANHI3 Anemia hirta (L.) Sw. streambank flowering fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia hirta (L.) Sw.
ANME Anemia mexicana Klotzsch Mexican fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia mexicana Klotzsch
ANPO2 Anemia portoricensis Maxon Puerto Rico flowering fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia portoricensis Maxon
ANWR4 Anemia wrightii Baker Wright's flowering fern 🖼️Photos of Anemia wrightii Baker