Buxaceae Plant Family

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
BUXUS Buxus L. boxwood 🖼️Photos of Buxus L.
BUBA6 Buxus balearica Lam. N/A 🖼️Photos of Buxus balearica Lam.
BUHA4 Buxus harlandii Hance N/A 🖼️Photos of Buxus harlandii Hance
BULA10 Buxus laevigata (Sw.) Spreng. [excluded] N/A 🖼️Photos of Buxus laevigata (Sw.) Spreng. [excluded]
BUCI4 Buxus citrifolia auct. non (Willd.) Spreng. [excluded] Buxus laevigata 🖼️Photos of Buxus citrifolia auct. non (Willd.) Spreng. [excluded]
TRCI4 Tricera citrifolia Willd. [excluded] Buxus laevigata 🖼️Photos of Tricera citrifolia Willd. [excluded]
BUMI5 Buxus microphylla Siebold & Zucc. littleleaf boxwood 🖼️Photos of Buxus microphylla Siebold & Zucc.
BUPO Buxus portoricensis Alain Puerto Rico box 🖼️Photos of Buxus portoricensis Alain
BUSE2 Buxus sempervirens L. common box 🖼️Photos of Buxus sempervirens L.
BUVA Buxus vahlii Baill. Vahl's box 🖼️Photos of Buxus vahlii Baill.
TRVA3 Tricera vahlii (Baill.) Britt. Buxus vahlii 🖼️Photos of Tricera vahlii (Baill.) Britt.
PACHY3 Pachysandra Michx. pachysandra 🖼️Photos of Pachysandra Michx.
PAPR7 Pachysandra procumbens Michx. Allegheny-spurge 🖼️Photos of Pachysandra procumbens Michx.
PATE11 Pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc. Japanese pachysandra 🖼️Photos of Pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc.